Tough Love

A Powerful If

Work on Paper

Lines of Flight: 2008

this is the garden: 2007

Vuillard's Tables: 2006

Views - Germany 2005


I am thinking about intimate spaces – nests, nooks, corners – and about the bending and folding of things pushed or crowded together. My current work is influenced by Bachelard’s description of “topoanalysis” – a mapping of the psyche based in the remembrance of one’s first home – and by Deleuze and Guattari’s account of “deterritorialization” as the creative activation of new forces in spaces that seem settled but that are in fact verging on radical reconfiguration. I have always been interested in crowds and the architecture that holds them. This phase of my work traces the dynamic processes entailed in seeking shelters, making room, or setting up or deconstructing a (temporary) home. My newest paintings are inspired by actions that indicate a longing for enclosure: simple verbs like crouch, stack, lean, listen, and rise.

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Megan Craig 2011